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Organised by Hope Initiative Alliance, co-organised by SowCare and other partners, SowCare Together is an initiative that aims to strengthen the values of mutual respect and positive attitudes between religious communities.

In a multi-racial, multi-religious society like Singapore, understanding the basis of different faiths will go a long way to help us live in harmony. We aim to inspire the public, especially the younger generation, towards good works and interfaith engagement, all while improving the lives of underprivileged communities in Singapore.

Organised by:

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In partnership with:

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The story of SowCare Together started with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth’s

Mission: Unite Hackathon, organised in collaboration with StartupX. SowCare had the opportunity

to join the hackathon, which brought together people of all ages to come up with ideas to build social cohesion and harmony.


The SowCare Together team showcased their solutions in front of the panel of judges

and proposed an initiative that encouraged more partners and volunteers to join hands in doing good.

As a result of this initiative that was pitched to the panel, the SowCare Together team emerged

as one of the top winners out of 41 teams and received a grant of up to SGD$20,000 on 5 December 2020, to implement its plans for bringing people of different faiths together to do good.





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